Frequently Asked Questions

The Bare Witch, LLC.

  • Do you wax ALL the genitalia? Yes, anything on the outside. This includes the scrotum and outer labia
  • How should I prepare? Always be hygienic and it may be a good idea to exfoliate as well. The hair must be at least the length of a grain of rice in order to be waxed. Due to skin sensitivity while on these medications we do not serve clients on Accutane, EpiDuo or Retinol (aggressive acne medications) or any other anti aging treatments. Please let your Wax Witch know if you are on these.
  • Will the wax burn me? No. The wax is specially designed with a low melting temp so it is safe for all skin. We use vegan wax that is safe for sensitive skin and never tested on animals.
  • Will it hurt? YMMV. Some areas are more sensitive than others; however, if there is any pain its a slight stinging that is gone as fast as it arrives. you may have a temporary redness that extends a couple hours past your appointment. Never fear, this goes away quickly.
  • What about ingrown hairs? Ingrown hairs are caused by hairs being trapped under dead skin cells. The best way to prevent this is daily exfoliation with an abrasive (scrubby) loofa or gloves. Regular waxing appointments also relieve the “razor burn” associated with shaving. Ask your Wax Witch about The Bare Witch line of ingrown hair relieving products.
  • I am a Trans-person, can I be waxed? Absolutely! The Bare Witch was started with YOU in mind! The spa industry has, for as long as its been around, kept out trans-folk and men. We want EVERYONE, regardless of their body or gender, to be able to have access to being their authentic self.
  • How often should I be waxed? Hair typically grows in a 3 week cycle. For this reason we recommend that you book every 3 weeks to stay smooth and fabulous. There are exceptions though and your Wax Witch will let you know what is best for your hair!

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